Looking for :"Heyco" cord cable clamps

I’m looking for panel-mount cable-entry clamps/strain reliefs - a 2-part plastic bushing with an attached insert that folds into the larger part to clamp a power-cord or some such as it passes thru a panel. Used to be known as “Heyco”. Search by that name on Digi site gives like 14000 hits from many mfgr’s but Heyco not in the Mfgr list. Would liek a poimter to such parts w/o looking thru 14k pictures. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tech_DLL,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. Might you be looking for something like this?

If so, they can be found under our Cables, Wires - Management → Bushings, Grommets category.

Here’s a link to a subset of that category which are typically stocked and are most similar to the image above.

If this is not what you are looking for, take a look at other options within the category above for other possibilities. Also, if you had an image or an example part number from Heyco, we might be able to use that to find something similar.


Yes that’s exactly the kind of part I need – thanks for narrowing the scope of the search; I’d never heard of Essentra. Good to know Digi carries them