Looking for m/f for both halves of this helicopter adapter

Ideally PCB mount for all 4 connections.


Would you have information on the size of the barrel end(non-lemo end)?
Would there be markings on the LEMO connector that would help in IDing it?
If not do you happen to have it on hand? If so would you be able to take images?

I unfortunately do not. However, I can order one of them in and get some measurements if that is helpful.
They’re aircraft standard connectors; so, I was hoping that there was some literature someone might know about.

Take a look at these for the barrel connector side. For the other, what references I’ve found suggest something from the Lemo/Redel 1P series, which like many such products can be had in many, many variations. Please check the catalog against a physical example to determine the proper orientation/keying in particular.

Thanks Rick! My apologies for not getting back to you much sooner. I was pulled away to a different project