Aviation Connector GX12-2 ? Where Art Thou?

Trying to find good quality ‘Aviation style’ 12mm 2-pin Also Known As GX12-2 connector. I just need the end with male plug but female receiving sockets for the two pins. I can’t find them on this site. I can’t even find those types of connectors.


We do not carry this connector.

I am positive that you do. If Amazon and Ebay have them , poorer quality, mind you, then i am sure you do. It’s probably just a matter of nomenclature. Please see connector on the right and share it with a colleague. They will know what Digikey calls them.

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This style of connector has not been popular in the USA for over 40 years. I know of no large USA electronics parts suppliers who currently sell them and have not seen one in use on any equipment sold in the USA this century.

So you’ll need to order from suppliers in Chine via Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

I found quite a large number at my local electronics supplier and he is not very well stocked. His store is about 100 square feet. Sky Watcher telescopes, based in Torrance, California, uses them exclusively on their telescopes. You can google this : “sky watcher eq6-pro power” to see many offerings and those style of connectors are all over Amazon, with variances in pin number. I only tried Digikey because I thought you would sell the best quality as the ones on Amazon, the two-pin type at last, got poor reviews.

In any event, I have what I need now, although the quality isn’t great.

Thank you for your effort.

Ah, a telescope mount company has chosen that connector for use in their specialty products. Given the miniscule market I doubt any of the major connector manufacturers will ever re-introduce this connector type.

FYI here’s a pretty good history of that connector style.

Hello @cmoher3 ,

I will not promote any other site because I do not think is proper, but if you are looking for a radial type connector with 2 positions, search for the Lemo 2 position circular connector part of the T series connectors they have straight or right angle. They are very high quality connectors.
Also you can search for twinax 2 position connector they are manufactured by either Radiall or TE.
I do have to warn these connectors I have mentioned are fairly expensive.
@PaulHutch I am sorry you are incorrect, these type of connectors are extremely common in the aviation community and are continuously updated. But they are very niche products hence not very common to the general public.

Digikey does carry the LEMO 2 position connectors just found it here

The Lemo connectors and many like it are common in aviation, industrial, and military products, very high quality, and very expensive, circular connectors.

They are not even in the same ball park as the very low cost consumer grade connectors that are being discussed.