Automotive 2-Pin Pigtail with 10 or 12 Gauge Wires

Hello. I’m looking if someone can recommend me an automotive 2-pin waterproof connector pigtail with either 10 or 12 gauge wires. So far all I see are 16 gauge and up.

If there’s no pigtails available, what are my options? I want to have some sort of quick disconnect system and not have a chance of wires getting mixed up.


I have looked at multiple options . We do not carry the automotive series connectors . I have went through multiple options. Usually my choice for waterproof connectors are teh Bulgin options. I looked at part number 708-1189-ND. The link is: . They do not list the wire gauge in the data sheet . Yet this is rated for a current rating of 32A. They do list in the data sheet the diameter of the wires this connector will accept. It has a screw terminal termination so very easy to hard wire. The mating products are listed on the link provided if you scroll to the bottom of the link. These are an easy connector to use and are watertight.

Thanks for having a look at my application. I had a look at the connector and it seems good for a very robust aerospace type application, but also seems expensive and probably overkill from what I am looking to do. It also looks like I’ll have to install a bulkhead type connector and, unfortunately, I don’t have space for this application. Do you have anything else that’s cheaper that would work with 10AWG or 12 AWG flying leads? It doesn’t have to be an automotive connector just something that I can connect to flying leads and can handle 12V, 20A or greater and be relatively inexpensive. Let me know if you see something like that. I appreciate the effort you took in recommending that part number.

Waterproof high power connectors are exceptionally rare. I’d make a trip down to a local electrical supply house for contractors and have a chat with them. They may have some econimical options used for wet area power wiring.

Alternatively I’d consider a tiny IP rated enclosure with cable glands and then use Wago connectors or a screw terminal strip inside the box.

Thanks for your suggestion. What I did was assess whether I really needed waterproof and then realized I didn’t need to go that far.

I ordered some of the following terminal blocks from Amazon and mounted them on the side of the box. Then I just connect the wires with ring terminals to those.