UPCP022ALS6 AWG Connection

For UPCP022ALS6 is there anyway to connect a smaller AWG cable from the recommended size of this connector like maybe using a some kind of conductive filler or something.

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You could do something like that, however I’m not sure if it will still provide desired results. It’s something you could try for sure though. Another idea may be to just wrap some electrical tape around the jacket insulator to add some extra girth.

for an around 120 mm^2 lug to a 2/0 AWG cable is it still tolerable to crimp or can I do something to make it more compatible

seeing as 2/0 is 70mm2, You would likely need quite a bit of solder to make a solid connection there. What AWG size is the connector requesting? I’m seeing various different recommendations

Putting solder or any other filler in a crimp connection deigned for use at up to 1000+ V and 450A may be a huge safety hazard.

I would never do this unless I had explicit permission in writing from a responsible engineer at Amphenol.

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the connector requesting around 120 mm^2 but the cable available is only 2/0 AWG

The connector is requesting for 120 mm^2 but the only cable available is only 2/0 AWG, is there any possible way to make it compatible?

Is there any other way to make it safe since my only option is to use those 2/0 AWG cable for the 120 mm^2 connector


Power levels that high are deadly and extreme fire hazards. In most jurisdictions in the USA you have to be licensed to work with wiring at those power levels.

I strongly recommend you hire a licensed professional to do this wiring job, the few hundred dollars US it would cost are insignificant to the potential millions of dollars in liability if you mess this up.


how about for a device using 450A but with around only 120V

Still deadly, a fire hazard, and usually requires a license to do it legally in the USA

450A is more than double the current permitted under NEC code for a 2/0 90°C rated copper conductor. Also, the 6 in the P/N given calls for a 150mm2 (300MCM) conductor size. 2/0 cable in a connector made for 300MCM looks like a hot dog in a hallway.

If one adds a single measly milliohm of resistance by jamming crap into the connection to make an undersized conductor fit, at 450A over 200W will be burned in the connector due to the added resistance. Not good.

Finally, a source capable of delivering 450A under normal conditions is likely to be able to deliver quite a bit more under fault conditions, such as when an improperly used connector melts and causes a short. If a scrawny cable offers enough resistance to prevent/delay any upstream overcurrent protection from tripping, that short circuit fault will persist for a rather unpleasant length of time. A pair of 2/0 conductors burning like a fuse on a firecracker isn’t the sort of thing you want to see in person.

I agree with Paul: get some assistance from a qualified professional.