FLKB-09EGFS-GCP-001 Connector


Does anyone know what gauge of wire this circular connector uses Amphenol Model:FLKB-09EGFS-GCP-001?


Hello Mmook04 and welcome to the TechForum.

In many cases the solder cup listed parts won’t have an AWG designation as they can accept a wider range of cable over their crimp contacts.

In this particular case the size of the solder cup isn’t shown on the drawing, so I am unable to make the assertion. I’ll take note and see if we can fetch the info for this contact.


As Michael pointed out, the AWG range is not as precise for a solder cup termination given that there is no crimping over insulation. However, Amphenol LTW gives you some clues to work with by showing you the options for adding a custom cable in the FLO Series Catalog.

On page P-3, note that there are options for [A] PVC, [C] PU ~polyurethane~, and [E] Cat5E. The individual information regarding a custom cable for FLK +GFS starts on page P-15, and if you scroll down to P-16, you’ll find the cable O.D. (outside diameter) ranges that they offer. The lowest is 2.8mm to 3.00mm, and the highest is 8.5mm to 8.7mm.

This isn’t a perfect guide, but given that the types of wire used for this part would all generally be similar, you could extrapolate from an AWG conductor/insulation guide (they note UL as an example in the aforementioned part number guide on page P-3, for example).

This one came back as AWG size 34-28 as optimal.