24 AWG crimp tool for non-insulated butt splice

I have been searching high and low for the proper crimp tool for 24 AWG non insulated butt connectors (like this BS22-M Panduit Corp | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey). All the crimp tools and dies for this specific connector seem to only go up to 22 AWG or are incredibly expensive.

Help is much appreciated.

Hello Arbor,

I found CT-100 but that is obsolete and we have none in stock. There is also CT-1002 but that one is specified for ferrules. Interestingly enough even the splice connector you listed only mentions tools in the data sheet yet those crimp tools don’t go above 22AWG.

Panduit website did not have much info on CT-100 possible cross. The link below lists a lot of tools but I don’t see any of them of 24AWG or larger unless its a ferrule crimper.
Panduit | Search

HI @arbor ,
I’ve been using iWiss tools for crimping. They are amazingly high quality while economical.
Would this work?
Cheers, heke

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