Looking for a 4 pin female connector


I’m looking for a 4-pin female connector; hoping this isn’t a custom connector from the original supplier. What’s hard to find is a connector where the fourth pin is larger than the other 3. Images of the connector and the sensor end it connects to are attached. I don’t even know what to call the connector to find anything similar to this other than just searching for any 4-pin connectors or BNCs?

Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I did some searching, but was not successful. What is the part number for the sensor? Maybe the data sheet would have the connector number listed. It gets hard on this type of request as we do not have pictures for all the circular connectors. Let me know if there is any additional information you can provide. Sorry. I am just not seeing it.

This looks like a variation on the popular connector style used for CB radio microphones in the 70s.
More info at this old thread: What type of connector is this?

Part number for sensor is SP-1-PSC by HM Digital, I couldn’t find the data sheet but maybe I’m not looking at the right spot?

Ah aviation connectors! I did a bit of research, it is the right type but the pins are different in mine. Thank you for the help, now I got to find how to find one with 1/4 pins larger than the rest!

It might be worth reaching out to the manufacturer on this one and see if they can supply a part number.