Looking for suitable replacement for NEC C4184 transistor

Hello, I am looking for a replacement transistor to replace a NEC C4184. I am unsure how to go about searching for one that will work in its place. Any help locating a suitable part number to replace it with would be appreciated.

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A transistor with a ā€œCā€ as the first printed part number mark is almost always a member of the standardized 2SC transistor line. So yours is likely a 2SC4184.

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Thank you, I made a typo in my post, I am looking for C4814 or 2SC4814. However all of the suppliers of this part seem to be places like aliexpress or overseas websites I have never heard of. As this part is from the 90s I suspect these may be knock offs. I was wondering if there is some sort of new replacement that could fit in its place made by another reputable company, that I could order from the us on DigiKey, or should I gamble with the aliexpress parts instead?

I was able to find the data sheet for the original part here, however I am unsure how to go about picking a replacement.