Looking for Suitable Transformer

Seeking recommendations for a transformer compatible with the machine’s input voltage range (245-500 Vac) and power requirements (max 150W).

Machine Specification:

  1. Input Voltage: 245-500 Vac, single phase, 60 Hz
  2. Input Power: Max 150W
  3. Power Path: Dual Inputs

Hello ashwinigite98,

Please tell us more about your application. Specifically,

  • output voltage
  • preferred input voltage
  • application so that we may differentiate between E/I core or toroidal

Based on your original description, here is a list of all 150 to 175VA transformers. With additional information we may be able to narrow this list to meet your project needs.

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P.S. What is the significance of “dual inputs” for your project? Are you asking for a transformer that support multiple inputs e.g., the ability to operate from 120 and 240 or in voltages commonly associated with three phase systems such as 120, 208, 277 and 480 VAC?


Hello APDahlen,
Thank you for your prompt response. Basically, we have one equipment ( Subsea Electronic Module ) which is used in oil and gas industry. We need to power up that equipment. As I mentioned in my topic it has input voltage range is from 250V to 500V, single phase 60Hz. And also it support dual input path for power supply. Our utility power is 230Vac and we need to increase it up to 250-500Vac.

Oh, I see ashwinigite98.

As I understand, you are looking for:

  • a 150 VA transformer
  • 230 to VAC input
  • the output is loosely specified between 250 and 500 VAC


  • I do not fully understand the significance of the dual input. My best guess is that the device includes redundancy with an internal automatic transfer switch. This is not unusual for a marine setting as it mitigates against the loss of a switchboard. If my guess is true, you would need one transformer to get the device up and running with a second for the added redundancy.


  1. The 230 Voltage isn’t that far off from 250 VAC. Consider contacting the manufacturer to determine if the device will operate correctly or at a suitable but functional lower power.

  2. Consider a variac. A device such as this may get you get you the small voltage boost you require.

  3. Consult a marine electrician. This person may be able to recommend a suitable transformer.

  4. Commission a custom transformer.

  5. If absolutely necessary, we could attempt to assemble a collection of DigiKey transformers to achieve the desired voltage. Perhaps in an autotransformer configuration.

Please Let us know the model number of the device. We will be able to locate the technical data and provide an improved answer.

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