Transformer selection

which transformer is suitable for
Frequency Range:50-100Khz

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Unfortunately there is no wound product on market that transforms 64VA to 96VA (physically impossible without auxiliary energy inject, ref. the law of conservation of energy). Kindly explain your application as detailed as possible.
Is the 50-100kHz AC input sinusoidal or pulsed?
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It’s actually used in LLC converter the input to the transformer is from an inverter and the output is given to an rectifier.the input to the inverter is a DC of 32V 4A.

Sorry about the output current that I have mention earlier since the application is to charge an Li ion battery any standard output for the battery rating is fine like 24V or 14.8V or 12V

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Typo aside, transformers such as this are typically custom wound and not generally available as off-the-shelf components.

Assuming you are an experimenter or that you are prototyping a one-off product, may I recommend you wind a toroidal core. DigiKey does have a wide selection of cores and magnetic wire:

It’s been said that magnetic design is one of the more challenging aspects of electronics design. There are a variety of online calculators to help you design the transformer. As a design process, you will likely make a transformer that is larger and higher cost than necessary. On subsequent revisions you may want to reduce size and materials. This optimization process will certainly increase complexity.

  1. First big and simple

  2. Then small and complex

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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