Looking for TE hand crimping tool

Hello -
I’m looking for a hand crimping tool for TE ribbon cable connectors. The TE description is Hand Tool Subassembly 768942-1 or 408-9846. I’m not finding it in Digikey’s inventory, can anyone point me in the correct direction? I believe there will be jaws kits in addition to the basic hand tool.

Leland Helgerson


I found the link for the sub assmbly here:


Though this was found doing a google search. I could not find them on the Te website. I know Te made a lot of the Champ connectors obsolete so they might not have the tooling anymore. Looking at page two where they list thier contact information, they state Tyco Electronics. So it has not been Tyco for some time. It would be now Te Connectivity. The website is www.te.com . Unfortunately I am not finding anything on their website or the Digi-Key website.