TE 796271-1 inexpensive hand crimping tool

I was planning on using the solder on pins but someone much smarter than me says that soldered connections are not good in high vibration environments. Since I only need to crimp 11 connections, I do not want to spent $200 to $1000 dollars for a professional crimping tool. Is there a $50 or less crimping tool that will get the job done? IT would be for these types of connectors.

I like the WM9999-ND as a general-use tool for F-crimp style contacts like this.

Not factory-spec of course and thus not for production or critical-application use, but capable of delivering serviceable results for a rather wide range of contact sizes given a bit of practice.

You can try the tool Rick has listed below but the manufacture only recommends the 66361-3 for these contacts so as Rick stated, you may need to practice with the WM9999-ND to get the contact to fit into the housing correctly.