Looking for Yamaha DXS18XLF subwoofer amplifier part

My DXS18XLF subwoofer (for live sound) blew its fuse.
Upon checking, the power transformer was defective and needs a replacement.

The voltage is 100-240 auto-switching. Amplifier rating is 1,600 watts peak.

These characters appear on the transformer: 80142S3-G 0WE
0WTR-A0377 4117

Been looking online for a replacement but could not find one. Only advice I got was to replace the whole amp, which cost is almost the same as the new subwoofer brand-new.
Please advise if the whole amplifier or board needs replacement or the transformer only can be replaced.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello justbenji,

Thank you for your inquiry. If you able to provide pictures of the transformer and blown fuse in question, this may give us more understanding of how it looks like and the location of these in reference to the circuit.

Where the fuse is placed in the circuit will also help troubleshoot as these can be in different locations in the circuit.

Many thanks Ryan.
The fuse is located on the same board. Please see the attached photos

d images

Hi Justbenji,

The transformer is likely made by Ole Wolff.

Could be custom made. Would suggest contacting them for specs etc.

Heke, AsamaLab

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Many thanks @heke. I will contact Ole Wolff.

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