LT8391D Competitive Comparison vs TLD5190QVXUMA1 & TPS92692QPWPTQ1

LT8391D Competitive Comparison vs TLD5190QVXUMA1 & TPS92692QPWPTQ1

Competitive Comparison LT8391 TLD5190 TPS92692
Topology Sync. Buck-Boost Sync. Buck-Boost Non-sync Boost/buck/buck-
VIN Range 4V ~ 60V 4.5V ~ 55V 4.5V ~ 65V
VOUT Range 0V ~ 60V 2V ~ 55V Limited by max duty cycle
fSW 150kHz~650kHz 200kHz~700kHz 80kHz-800kHz
Clock Sync No Yes No
SSFM Yes Yes Yes
LED current accuracy ± 4% ± 3% ± 4%
CC-CV Yes Yes No
PWM Dimming External External External
No Internal No Internal and Internal
Analog dimming 20:01 Yes 15:01
Bootstrap Diodes Integrated External Integrated
Efficiency Up to 98% Up to 96%
Package Side solderable
VQFN-48 or TQFP-48 HTSSOP-20
AEC-Q100 Yes Yes Yes
QJA​ 34°C/W 25°C/W 40.8°C/W

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