I would like to know that what will be the current consumption (not supply current) of this component?.

In their datasheet, they are defining “supply current” as the current drawn while operating (sampling, converting, and transmitting results) rather than just in standby mode, so it is the value they are looking for. Basically, the current goes up as the sampling frequency increases and the number of channels sampled increases.

On page 6, it states that the max current would be at 400kHz sample rate with all 4 channels, which is stated as 17.6mA for IVDD and 3mA for IOVDD (both are required) if using CMOS communication mode or 20.5mA for IVDD and 9.1mA for IOVDD if using LVDS communication mode.

Page 12 also shows it graphically, and shows how it increases with sampling frequency: