Lulzbot Side Kick Bed Alignment Upgrade

Steel Sheet alignment upgrade for the Lulzbot SideKick

I have had prints ruined by a bumped print bed. I only had to have this happen a couple of times before realizing that I could solve this issue. My hope is that I can help others do the same.


I am sure that in most scenarios printers are placed out of the way and once they are started there is little that can come in contact with them to cause issues. We have a bit of different case as we have printers printing and welcome anyone to come and take a look if they are curious. With that said, accidents can sometimes happen.

Parts Required

The corner assemblies that come with the Lulzbot are comprised of these parts


This upgrade consists of a redesigned red piece that will include registration points to keep the bed where it should be.

Download STL File


The STL file can be download here.

Lulzbot Sidekick Corner Upgrade.stl (821.4 KB)

The Upgrade Process

For each corner disassemble the assembly holding everything together. You can see how this comes apart in the photos below. Simply replace the red corner with the new ones and put everything back together again.

image image

image image

This is the final upgrade. These points make placing the bed on the printer a thoughtless exercise and keeps it very stable.

Product Details

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Type Description
Mfr LulzBot
Series Taz Sidekick 747
Working Dimensions 9.000" x 9.000" x 9.250" (231.00mm x 231.00mm x 248.00mm)
Interface USB
Voltage - Supply 100 ~ 240VAC, 24VDC
Contents 3D Printer, Cable(s), gLCD Controller, Magnetic Flex Bed, Runout Sensor, SK175 Tool Head, SD Card, Tool Kit, Materials Starter Kit

Special Mention


I had the pleasure of using this tool kit from iFix it and while I am sure most people already have a screw driver for this project, I was very impressed by the quality and the breadth of security tools provided. It has made my personal wish list!
Product Details
Digikey Part Number 2434-145392-1-ND
Manufacturer Part Number 145392-1
Manufacturer iFixit
Detailed Description Hex TR (Security), Phillips, Pozidriv®, Spanner (Security), Square, Torq-Set®, Torx® TR (Security) Bit Set