Lumex LPA-C011301S Part Numbering - Light Pipe Length


When looking for Lumex light pipes, such as LPA-C011301S, the different suffix attached to the end of this part number denotes different length of light pipes.


Suffix Light Pipe length Dimension
-2 2mm
-4 4mm
-5.4 5.4mm
-6 6mm
-7.5 7.5mm
-8.5 8.5mm
-10 10mm
-13 13mm
-15 15mm
-16.5 16.5mm
-20 20mm
-23 23mm
-25 25mm
-30 30mm
-40 40mm
-50 50mm
-100 100mm
Custom length Custom length
-37.9 39.9mm
Applicable Part Numbers

LPA-C011301S-10 LPA-C011301S-4 LPA-C011301S-50 LPA-C011301S-15
LPA-C011301S-20 LPA-C011301S-6 LPA-C011301S-2 LPA-C011301S-40
LPA-C011301S-37.9 LPA-C011301S-23
67-1833-ND 67-2199-ND 67-1835-ND 67-2198-ND
67-1834-ND LPA-C011301S-6-ND LPA-C011301S-2-ND LPA-C011301S-40-ND
LPA-C011301S-37.9-ND LPA-C011301S-23-ND