Difference in part number

Hello! I need to buy a lamp, which MDL is RSL-2101-3S, PN: 502-2101-3S. Does anyone know what does the suffix “S” mean? I have found this part in the digi-key webpage but without the suffix. I need to buy it but I’m not sure if this item will fit. Thanks!

Edit: “N.º de producto de Digi-Key: 1601-502-2101-3-ND” this is the info that the page shows

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I wasnt not able to locate that part number with an S suffix and the end. Below is the part numbering breakdown from the datasheet https://www.excelitas.com/file-download/download/public/57476?filename=RSL-2100_Xenon_Light_Source_datasheet.pdf. Could you provide a photo?