OSRAM LS T67K series SMD LED's part numbering

When looking at the OSRAM LS T67K series SMD LEDs, you’ll usually see the part number with some suffixes at Digi-Key, such as LS T67K-J1K2-1-0-2-R33-Z. What is the meaning of these suffixes?

LS T67K-J1K2-1 calls out the part order information, which mainly relates to the LED characteristic grouping.

For the suffixes,
0 – mean the forward voltage
2 – mean the forward current
R33 – The packaging code
Z- mean the ROHS Compliance

Applicable Part Numbers

LS T67K-J1K2-1 LS T67K-J1K2-1-0-2-R33-Z LS T67K-J1L2-1-Z
LS T67K-K1L2-1-Z

475-1067-1-ND 475-1067-2-ND 475-1180-1-ND
475-1180-2-ND 475-1180-6-ND 475-2516-1-ND
475-2516-2-ND 475-2516-6-ND 475-2766-1-ND
475-2766-2-ND 475-2766-6-ND