Osram LED part numbering

Regarding part number 475-2835-2-ND, which is Osram LED LY T68F-T2V2-35-1-20-R18-Z. What do the characters 1-20-R18-Z mean in the part number? They do not appear in the manufacturer data sheet.

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The suffixes are not anything that is going to affect the part or it’s performance. The -1 is an internal notation by Osram which indicates the color tolerance range; 20=20mA current rating; The R18=packaging on a 180mm reel; and the Z=lead free/Rohs compliant.

@ joetarry


For that Osram LED, 1-20-R18-Z is broken down as:

’1’ is a forward voltage range single group. Since there is always some variance in a voltage or current spec, and this is especially important in LEDs, they are grouped within a range. There are actually subgroups to this.

’20’ is a current grouping. This is much the same as the voltage grouping.

’R18’ is a packing indicator. In this case, it is referring to a 180mm reel as packed by the manufacturer. We can, of course, choose to sell that in smaller quantities as cut-tape.

’Z’ is an environmental suffix. This indicates RoHS compliance.