LZ22U finger guard (381-3076-ND)

I need to have more info about the size of these fans. While they say they fit 200mm fans, I need more info on hole spacing etc (there is no datasheet)
May i ask if these finger guards are:
for 200 x 51mm Fans, 148.5mm Hole Spacing, 199.5 x 199.5mm?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Here is a drawing of the LZ22 guard.


This is for the LZ22, however there seems to be two guards, the other being the LZ22U. May i check that the LZ22U does in fact have the same dimensions as the LZ22 (or that they are the same part)? Does the U denote anything specific?

I wasn’t able to find the callout to the U suffix so I requested the information on the U and verify the dimensions and will post when I get them.

Thanks, it’s really appreciated