M48T59Y-70PC1 Timekeeper-SRAM ==> battery/crystal replacement

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I am new here and this is my first question :slight_smile:

I have at my heatpump a warning “RAM-battery-ERROR” ==> Therefore I think that the battery is emty

After viewing of the control-board I found the following timekeeper-RAM

I did found out that the RAM and the battery/crystal are two different parts.

My problem I do not find out what is the “Name/Description/Number” of the to order snaphat battery/crystal that I do not make any damage

Would be fine when anybody could help me and could send me a link to the correct product

In the following the data sheet which I did found in the web:
stmicroelectronics_cd00002021-1204805 (1).pdf (293,4 KB)

Many thanks in advance

Here’s the Digi-Key product page:

It’s an obsolete and out of stock product.

Given that it’s an integrated ultra low power SRAM, real-time clock, power-fail control circuit, and battery all in one, I believe you are going to need the help of the heat-pump manufacturer to select a safe replacement.
There are plenty of $20.00 to $50.00 modules with similar functionality still being manufactured, but they have many pinout variations and many incompatible electrical requirements. Choosing the wrong one and trying it could do further damage to the controller.

A fair price from the manufacturer for a replacement module like this would be $50.00 to $100.00 US plus shipping and handling.

Many thanks for the answer :-). That are not really good news that the component is obsulete. Only for understanding. The battery is only for the internal clock? All other (memory functionality) work further fine without battery power? My problem is that the heat pump manufacturer not further exist :frowning:

The good thing is that the component is plugged in a socket and I did found in the internet really a replacement :-). But a few printed letters on the component are other (vertical on right side: ‘W0836X’ vs. ‘W2010X’ and under ‘CONTAIN LITHIUM CELL’ is at my actual component written:’ 992M5 VH MYS 99 611 D’ but at the replacment component: ‘990TA VH MYS 99 1128 A’ ). Is perhaps the type of integrated battery but all ‘electical properties’ are the same and Ican use the following component as replacement?

According to the data sheet, the only important marking for component identification of this device is the “M48T59Y-70PC1”, so the part you found will work.

This is not always the case so it was wise of you to question the extra marks.

The 0836 and 2010 are almost certainly the industry standard (EIA) manufacturing date codes, 36th week 2008 and 10th week 2010.

I didn’t see any explanation of the other marking in the data sheet but they are usually data about the materials, sub-assemblies and assembly place for a batch of parts.

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Hello Paul :-),

so many thanks for the clarification. That help me really and I can now a little better sleep in the night.

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When a product X is obsulete bring then out/exist then from the manufructurer normally a compatible component? If yes document this the manufracturer what is the new compatible replacement if a component is labled as obsulete? Or in other words exist for the M48T59Y-70PC1 in the present time perhaps a ‘newer component’ which is compatible to the ‘older component’ (therefore any newer compatible component can be perhaps used for replacement? When yes which?)

There is no general rule, sometimes there is a substitute, sometimes there is no substitute.

For complex special purpose modules like this one, it is common that there is no substitute. A large amount of circuit engineering at manufacturers is re-designing products because one of the original parts is no longer available.

most similar to M48T59Y would be M48T35Y-70PC1 or
M48T58-70PC1 as IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR with PARALLEL interface in 28DIP also from STMicroelectronics

They need an exact plug in replacement.

The person asking can only plug in a part in to an exiting heat pump controller PCB, so I’m pretty sure those won’t work for them. If your certian they are drop-in replacements, then you should update the obsolete part’s web page to show those as direct drop-in replacements.