M95P32-IXCST/EF tape and reel definition


We are looking for the STMicro M95P32-IXCST/EF tape and reel packaging definition. I have been unable to find it anywhere on the STMicro website or datasheet. Can this be requested form STMicro?

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Hello Dave_9000 - I didn’t find one all-inclusive packaging specification document, but I did find these references which are broken down by type of part, and package type. The first five resources refer to packaging. I didn’t find any packaging specifications for M95P32-IXCST/EF, but I have an e-mail in to my Product Specialist to see if that is something he can obtain for you.

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Hello Jenny_1307,
Any update from your Product Specialist?

Hello Dave_9000 - I’m sorry, I have not heard back yet, but I pinged him again this morning.

Hi again Dave_9000 - I received this reply this morning from my Product Specialist: “I resubmitted another ticket for information hopefully we’ll hear back soon.” I’ll let you know as soon as I have a reply from him. I apologize for the delay!

Hello Dave_9000: Here’s the information you were looking for on M95P32-IXCST/EF which I just received from my Product Specialist:
the 8-WLCSP package tape and reel specs are the following:

WLCSP 1.81x1.55 8 L



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