AT25DF321A-MH-T - soldering profile, washable, tape & reel information

Pls help to check & provide information as below due to we not able to found in datasheet. We need this information urgently, pls help to check & revert ASAP. Thanks

Part# LA630-A41498-001
PO# ********** (removed by admin)
Manufacturer: Dialog Semiconductor GmbH

  1. Soldering profile -
  2. washable - Washable (Can part able to go through wash process – DI water) : Yes/No
  3. tape and reel information.
    a) Tape & Reel Width :
    b) Tape & Reel Component Pitch :
    c) Incoming Orientation (Pin 1 location in Tape & Reel) :

I am working on getting this information for you.