Request Component Info - MC22FA202J-F & MC22FD751J-F

Please help to advise the below information for the both MPN below.

  1. MPN : MC22FA202J-F
  2. MPN : MC22FD751J-F
    MFG: Cornell Dubilier Electronics Inc

Reflow Soldering Details:

  1. Heat Cycle/Reflow Cycle ( Recommended number of Reflow passes ) :
  2. Component Washability ( Washable? ) : Yes / No

We only use Deionized Water via Aqueous Machine with Drying process after washing.


Thanks for contacting DigiKey , per the data sheet I am only seeing a solder profile I do not see any wash process on it or the manufacturer web site , look at pages 7 and 8 for solderability and solder profiles . I would not suggest washing these parts as there is no info for it .

Thanks Craig