Request Component Info - MF-LSMF260X

Please help to advise the below information for MPN: MF-LSMF260X.

MFG: Bourns Inc

Reflow Soldering Details

  1. Heat Cycle/Reflow Cycle ( Recommended number of Reflow passes ) :
  2. Component Washability ( Washable? ) : Yes / No

We only use Deionized Water via Aqueous Machine with Drying process after washing.

Hello zh_kuek,

In regards to this product specifically, the reflow soldering information is on the data sheet page 7 mostly and there is also a link there to more reflow soldering information document: bourns_mf_solder_recom.pdf but unfortunately it does not mention the number of reflow passes.

There is a statement in their document Bourns Circuit Protection in regards to MF series fuses that these “Devices can be cleaned using standard industry methods and solvents.”

I hope that helps.