Request Component Information - 3838C680FP362X

Please help to provide the below information for below component.

MPN: 3838C680FP362X
MFG: Passive Plus Inc.

  1. Peak Temperature (Max Temperature allowed in Reflow Solder) :
  2. Minimum Time Above Liquidus ( Min at Reflow Zone at 217°C ) :
  3. Maximum Time Above Liquidus ( Max at Reflow Zone at 217°C ) :
  4. Heat Cycle/Reflow Cycle ( Recommended number of Reflow passes ) :
  5. Component Washability : ( Yes / No )

We only use Deionized Water via Aqueous Machine with Drying process after washing.

Hello zh_kuek,

We carry a lot of parts from Passive Plus, but we do not carry this part number.
So we do not have any documentation for it.
Your best option is to contact the manufacturer, or search on their website for this information.