4608X-101-103LF - Washable Information

Please provide the Washable Information for below component.
Washable (Can part able to go through wash process – DI water) : Yes/No?

MPN: 4608X-101-103LF


There isn’t any documentation we have of this part that mentions if it is washable or not. If you require some kind of documentation to verify it, I will have to see if I can get the information from the manufacturer, assuming they have that info.
I will post a reply here if I am able to gather that information or not.


Hello again,

I have received a reply on this from the manufacturer.

Yes, it is washable by DI water.

Ex: wash in 15 mins→ pure water 3 mins→ Ethanol 3 mins→ dry it at 120° 3H

Hope that clarifies it.
Have a wonderful day.