Machinechat with Zigbee TE MS5837 pressure sensor

This project uses a Digi Xbee3 wireless Zigbee module and a TE Connectivity MS5837 sensor to implement a Zigbee temperature and barometric pressure sensor. The application is implemented in MicroPython and runs on the Xbee3 module. Sensor data is passed to the JEDI One IoT platform using the Machinechat with Zigbee to WiFi sensor bridge (see project for details).

The connection schematic and bill of material for the Zigbee pressure sensor is contained in the scheme-it project XB3_MS5837

The Machinechat JEDI IoT platform is configured to display and monitor the MS5837 sensor data.


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Project Parts:

Digi Xbee 3 Zigbee module and antenna

MS5837 Barometric Pressure Sensor

note: for development purposes the MS5837 development board, MIKROE-3246 from MikroElektronika, could also be used.

Digi Xbee3 MicroPython MS5837 sensor project details

In the MicroPython project an Xbee3 module is configured as a Zigbee router with the same network ID as the Xbee3 coordinator used in the Zigbee to WiFi bridge. The MicroPython application joins the Zigbee network, reads the MS5837 sensor, builds the sensor data message, and sends to the Zigbee coordinator.

Example MS5837 sensor data message sent to the Zigbee coordinator:


MicroPython source code “” located in below Github link.

Github link: