Maker Mod Block - DIN Rail Mount

The Maker Mod Block system has grown to include templates for mounting bread boards and single board computers in a way that keeps thing nice and organized. Keeping with the spirit of that, I made a version of the Maker Mod Block designed to mount a DIN rail. This particular version is just what it sounds like. A DIN rail of your desired length is mounted to one or more of these mounts so that DIN rail mountable products can be worked into your design without making a mess.

Here are some photos showing this Mod Block in action. The part was printed in black and is a little difficult to see. The red arrows were added to help with that.

I chose to use 3mm bolts with this and that is what is in the .stl file linked below.

If you would like to use this block you can find it on OnShape using this link.

Alternatively, you can download the .stl file here:
Maker Mod Block - DIN Rail Mount - Mod Block - DIN Rail.stl (471.2 KB)

This rest of this series of the Maker Mod Block system can be found at this here: