The Maker Mod Block system is a series of 3D printed interlocking blocks that have been designed to help take your maker projects from a cumbersome Rat’s nest to a portable project that is easy to handle and move without disrupting your connections.
Above you see a project I was working on and having problems keeping wires connected when I tried to move. Below you will see the Arduino, Screen, and breadboard attached to the blocks.

The MMB system uses an interlocking tab design and posts to match the boards. We used the Arduino Uno layout for one of our first blocks the MMB003. We also created the MMB001 which fits the 438-1045-ND Breadboard, and for a project I was currently working on the MMB005 which has a post layout which is common among many of the LCD Screen layouts.


This page is going to be a home page for all of the MAKER MOD BLOCK links. They are going to be free to download and print at will. This will also be a place where you can submit ideas for new BLOCKs and also post pictures of the BLOCKs that you have printed and how you are using them.

Below is the list of MAKER MOD BLOCK files that are currently available.

MMB001 Large Breaboard Block
MMB002 Small Breadboard Block
MMB003 Arduino Uno Footprint
MMB004 Raspberry Pi Block
MMB005 Universal LCD Screen
MMB006 Adafruit Crickit
MMB007 Arduino Mega
MMB011 Universal Mounting Platform
MMB011.1 Potentiometer Mounting Plate
MMB011.2 Motor Mounting Plate 1

Stay Tuned as more blocks are coming soon…

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