Making a ski display

I am trying to make a display to display my speed, altitude and degree of slope onto a screen. I am very new to this and don’t know where to start. I found this to figure out my speed. This to figure out my degree of slope. I don’t have anything to find my altitude yet. Would the parts i found even work together? What other parts would i need to make it work? Thanks for looking!


The two sensors you located could possibly do the job, but there a few important aspects to also consider: how to harvest and interpret sensor data, managing the data, and how to supply and handle power. You’ll also have to include a microcontroller with your programming to understand all of these sensors. The microcontroller will also be responsible for translating the signals into text that will be eventually displayed onto your choice of display.

I would recommend going the route of a development board to get started. Preferably one that has all or most of the sensors prepopulated and integrated into the board already. I found this STMicro Dev Board # STEVAL-STLKT01V1 (Digi-Key # 497-16719-ND) has an on-board Accelerometer, Gyroscope, magnetometer and it can also measure humidity, pressure, and temperature. You could build on with this altimeter # 1568-1000-ND. To program it, you will need a STMicro STM32 Nucleo Board.

I’d recommend checking over the User Manual: Click Here for the STEVAL-STLKT01V1 User Manual

More information on the STMicro Eval board is available on the STMicro Landing Page

Our Evaluation Sensor Boards are located here if you wanted to visit other options:


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Hi Dawson1530,

Thank you for your inquiry.

A good starting point for your inquiry would be to research a concept called ‘dead reckoning’.

Your application describes the sensors a navigation system uses to enhance it’s ability to sense physical movement in relation to space, even if the ability to track using radio communication with the satellite is lost.

Click Here for an article on STMicroelectronic’s Dead Reckoning Software

I should also mention STMicroelectronics has sensor and motion algorithm software that makes dead reckoning much easier to implement:

Click here for pressure sensors sensitive enough for Altimeter use

The above pressure sensors are discreet, I would advise finding one with a development breakout board available to allow for you to build a proof of concept/prototype.

Thanks again for your inquiry, kindly let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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