What parts to buy for the "Simple 500KHZ Oscilloscope with STM32" project

I read the “how to” article at:


for making a simple oscilloscope using at STM32 CPU and a 3.2" TFT display with 16 bit parallel interface (for speed).

I’d like something where the display mounts on the CPU board, if that’s possible.

What items should I look at on Digikey? I tried using the search function, but I found it hard to use.


If you want to mount a display on a PCB, you first have to mount the connector that the display will plug into. Then you can use stand-offs or board supports to hold it securely on the PCB. Maybe one of the engineers can help further with this question.

So far this is what I’ve figured out:

2x 1N5819 Diode like 497-6610-1-ND
2x 4.7K ohm resistor like CF14JT4K70CT-ND
1x 10uF Cap like 399-18279-1-ND
4x Mom pushbutton such as EG1900-ND

You can see these items in a cart here: https://www.digikey.com/short/04jrnqnj

What I’m not sure of is the MCU dev board or display:

  • The article mentions specifically a STM32F103C8T6 dev board. I wasn’t sure if any dev boards from the STM32F family would suffice or if it specifically has to have the STM32F103C8T6 on board.
  • The part number for the display was also omitted, however, I see a similar display in our system (1471-1225-ND) that might be able to work.
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Thanks very much. I’ll take a look at those items.