Matching up pins between 2 op-amps

Hi all,

I’m trying to make an adapter that can fit where an old toshiba op-amp used to go. I know there are folks using a little daughterboard with op-amps like the NE5534, OPA134, OPA604 successfully. My question is what the pin match up would be. I think i have it mostly figured out but i would like someone to look who actually knows what to do. I’ve included the pinout for the toshiba op-amp below. Any help would be gteatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

  1. Phase compensation
  2. Input +
  3. Input -
  4. Phase compensation
  5. VEE
  6. NC
  7. Output
  8. Bias
  9. VCC

Hi @anaclassics,

I don’t believe you would need to connect the Phase Comp pins or the Bias pin, as those are taken care of internally in most modern op-amps. The rest are self explanatory.

I found this thread which you might find useful.

Thanks David!