Mating Connector for 2150-21005515-03-ND

I’m looking for the femal mating connector for Digi-Key part # 2150-21005515-03-ND.

[21005515-03 Chogori Technologies Inc. | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey](

link to panel mount connector

Welcome to the TechForum, I have found a mate for your connector.


Thanks… if I only had your talent ofr finding parts!

@Steven_14444 Steven, This pair is one solution.

I’m looking for a small round panel mount connector with mating cable connector. This pair wil do. But it would be nice to find an even smaller solution. I do need a round connector. Panel thickness ~3-3.5mm. Preference is black. Cost on panel connector is important. Cable end not so much given I need one cable connector to many panel mounts.