Mating part number

------Question for MSXS-08PFFR-SF7003 Please Put your question below------
What is the mating part number?

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Hello mcuddihy5,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum! In theory, any plug that is M12-8 male pin in an X orientation should be able to mate with this part. For what we normally stock in our catalog that would fit the threading, however, I would suggest checking out part number 1754-MSXS-08BMMD-SL8001-ND. This is going to be about as close as it gets in terms of matching material composition for the receptacle, but if you would rather go screw termination to the pins rather than IDC termination, then you may want to check out part number 1754-MSXS-08BMMC-SL8001-ND.