Max Current Rating

at the below pdf file and screenshot of Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, there are two values for max rated current, Rated Current 1 and Rated Current 2 which value should i take as a max rated current?

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This component can handle two different maximum current levels, each associated with a different temperature rise. At a maximum current of 90 mA, the temperature rise will be 15 K, and at a maximum current of 155 mA, the temperature rise will be 40 K.

Make sure that the temperature rise plus the ambient temperature must not exceed the maximum operating temperature.

and about which current to use:

  • If your design requires minimal heating and better thermal management Use IR1 (90mA)
  • If higher currents are necessary and the additional heat generated is manageable within your design constraints.Use IR2 (155 mA)
    The choice depends on your specific application requirements regarding current handling and thermal performance.