Max Output Power of PIN Diodes

I am designing an RF output using PIN Diodes. The datasheet for MACOM’s MADP-011029-14150T says it can handle output power greater than 100 W, but we are looking for 12kW. I know mathematically, that means we can handle our 12 kW load with those PIN Diodes, but there’s also a big difference between 100 W and 12 kW. Does anyone have experience with that PIN diode?

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That 100W power handling figure should be understood more in the sense of an upper limit than a lower limit. Also note that it’s a “peak” value.

Actual power handling capability over any extended length of time will be limited by thermal considerations, which a person finds described in the following datasheet snippet. Note that the infinite heat sinks are currently on backorder, due to a shortage of purple unicorns needed to pull ore carts in the unobtanium mines.

How this part was to be used in context of an RF output isn’t very clear from the given description, but I’d expect that presenting it with 12kW of RF will result in communication via smoke signal. Something more akin to these would perhaps be closer to the mark.