Maxim MAX742

Hi i was wondering if someone can help me find a replacement part for this device

essentially i need a device that can give me an output of -15 and 15 V from a 5V input

Hello Bamdad,

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key. Unfortunately I do not see a replacement for this, the closest options found are LT3758AMPMSE#PBF-ND | LTC3630AMPMSE#PBF-ND | LTC3630AMPDHC#PBF-ND.

There are also a fair number of integrated DC-DC converters available for performing the 5-to-+/-15V trick. A drop-in replacement for a control IC of the sort mentioned they’re not, but depending on the circumstances it’s potentially a more convenient/economical approach.

if you can show some of those DC-DC converters that do the 5-to-+/-15V that would also be really helpful i can’t seem to find any that give both a positive and negative output

Hi Bamdad,

Pretty much all of the parts in Rick’s link produce both + and - 15V from a 5V source. I noticed that the typical applications for the MAX742 were fairly high powered, as in the 6W to 22W range. Assuming you need something with that sort of capability, here is a shortlist from Rick’s list which are in that sort of output range: