Maybe a latching relay?

i am looking for a device that can accept two different power sources, both would be around 3v. one will basically be always on while the other will be triggered on and off remotely. what i’d like the device to do is:

  1. pass the voltage from the always-on source through its output whenever the device is powered.
  2. if the always-on source stops, the device starts outputting upon return of the always-on source.
  3. when the triggered source is turned on, the device continues to output signal (the device is already outputting signal due to the always-on source being on).
  4. when the triggered source is turned off, the device stops signal output

does this type of device exist as a stock configuration? if so, what would it actually be called?

It’s a little too early for me to parse the entire logic sequence you wrote up. However it sounds like an ideal diode component will do what you want.

The information page for this new breakout board from Adafruit has info and a datasheet link for the raw part.

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