MCU Development board

Which suitable microcontroller development board can you recommend to run my ROS-based controller (CPP) for cooperative control of drones?

Hi @Lucky , welcome to the forum… ROS is a massive project with lots of customization, thus tons of different options for an MCU.

Do you have any idea of how many sensors (and what type), how many control surfaces you want to control, and what other features you want to include in your design?


  1. GPS for position
  2. Translational Velocity sensor
  3. IMU accelerometer for orientation
  4. Angular velocity sensor
  5. Laser, sonar (?) for obstacle avoidance

Thanks for the feedback I looked into the links that you sent. Please confirm that the following platforms will be able to support Ubuntu because ROS itself is running in Ubuntu.

Hi @Lucky, none of those platforms will run Ubuntu. In your original post, you had mentioned “MCU”, which stands for “Microcontroller”, those board options are for micro-ROS.

For a board running classic, ROS, you’d need an “MPU” based processor… Which version ROS are you looking to target, ROS Foxy Fitzroy, or ROS Noetic Ninjemys?

Classic, targets are the Raspberry PI…