PIC Development Kit recommendation?


Please recommend best developement board. I’ve wandered from arduino Uno, to Mega, to ATXMEGA(8/16/32/64/128?)au. Im developing a pick and place with 22 motors, of which, 10 are 3 phase 48v brushed servos with encoder feedback. Ill also employ two PIXY2 cameras for wood grain direction identification, and two laser light sensors for alignment of sliding two robot arms. Converting each 1 phase to three phase will be via external circuit downstream of the Pic board. WiFi, USB, keyboard and screen are needed. Cycle time is to be 0.5 seconds. I can’t relate to bit depth, and program storage and memory required to process the in/out requirements. The program language not yet chosen. Thank you for any input offered regarding this endeavor. Sincerely.



This sounds like a very unique project. It also sounds like a tall order for just a single microcontroller.
But, if I were to recommend anything from the PIC line of micorcontrollers, I would aim for the PIC32MK series.
The PIC32MK1024MCF100 is a high performance microcontroller designed around motor controls.
The development kits that are centered around that are:

Another option would be to run a Single Board Computer (for connectivity and display) in conjunction with a motor control MCU such as the dsPIC33CH family or the PIC32MK series listed above.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,
Reid L.



Thank you for your time and consideration on my behalf. I am so greatful to have a recommended path to travel. I’ll learn as I go. If I should vere off track someday , it will be an educated decision rather than the random wandering I’ve been experiencing. Thank you so much,

Patrick Staunton