MEAN WELL USA Inc CEN-xx Series Replacement P/Ns

Digi-Key carries multiple series of MEAN WELL USA Inc. LED drivers. One of those series, CEN-xx series, has been made obsolete, you can view the EOL here. We can offer the HLG-xx Series LED drivers from MEAN WELL USA Inc. as potential replacements for the CEN-xx LED drivers. These are recommendations made by an electronics technician from Digi-Key and where not provided by MEAN WELL USA Inc.

Obsolete Part Number Digi-Key Part Number Recommended Replacement Part Number Digi-Key Part Number
CEN-60-12 1866-1182-ND HLG-80H-12 1866-2612-ND
CEN-60-24 1866-1185-ND HLG-60H-24 1866-2590-ND
CEN-60-42 1866-1188-ND HLG-60H-42 1866-2599-ND
CEN-60-20 1866-1184-ND HLG-60H-20 1866-2587-ND
CEN-60-15 1866-1183-ND HLG-60H-15 1866-2584-ND
CEN-60-30 1866-1186-ND HLG-60H-30 1866-2593-ND
CEN-60-36 1866-1187-ND HLG-60H-36 1866-2596-ND
CEN-60-48 1866-1189-ND HLG-60H-48 1866-2602-ND
CEN-60-54 1866-1190-ND HLG-60H-54 1866-2605-ND
CEN-75-48 1866-1197-ND HLG-80H-48 1866-2633-ND
CEN-75-24 1866-1193-ND HLG-80H-24 1866-2621-ND
CEN-75-20 1866-1192-ND HLG-80H-20 1866-2618-ND
CEN-75-36 1866-1195-ND HLG-80H-36 1866-2627-ND
CEN-75-30 1866-1194-ND HLG-80H-30 1866-2624-ND
CEN-75-54 1866-1198-ND HLG-80H-54 1866-2636-ND
CEN-75-42 1866-1196-ND HLG-80H-42 1866-2630-ND
CEN-75-15 1866-1191-ND HLG-80H-15 1866-2615-ND
CEN-100-42 1866-1179-ND HLG-100H-42 1866-2309-ND
CEN-100-30 1866-1177-ND HLG-100H-30 1866-2303-ND
CEN-100-20 1866-1175-ND HLG-100H-20 1866-2297-ND
CEN-100-54 1866-1181-ND HLG-100H-54 1866-2315-ND
CEN-100-36 1866-1178-ND HLG-100H-36 1866-2306-ND
CEN-100-24 1866-1176-ND HLG-100H-24 1866-2300-ND
CEN-100-48 1866-1180-ND HLG-100H-48 1866-2312-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.

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