Micro SD to Micro SD Extension Cable


I’m looking for a similar product on digikey, can anyone help.

Product: Micro SD to Micro SD Extension Cable



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Neat extender, I’d never heard of them before, thanks for the tip.

Here’s one from Adafruit that’s available @ Digi-Key:


Thanks, Paul

Link didn’t work but helped my search -

SD Card - Digi-Key Part Number: 1528-2522-ND

microSD Card - Digi-Key Part Number: 1528-2523-ND

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That’s weird, it’s the one generated by the Digi-Key link share system and it works for me.

Weird, it works on edge, but chrome say nope

Even weirder, I’m on Chrome and Edge is based on Chrome, the internet can be so inconsistent.