Microchip Memory SNG Suffix Information


When looking at part 24LC02B-I/SNG from Microchip Technology the SNG is calling out a “Pure Matte” Sn Lead Finish. the same part number without the “G” 24LC02B-I/SN is a “Sn” Lead Finish. In a Side by Side Comparison you can see they are drop in replacements for each other.

Other Microchip part numbers with the SNG suffix

24LC02B-I/SNG 93LC46BXT-I/SNG 24LC04B-I/SNG 24AA04-I/SNG 24LC04BT-I/SNG 24LC16B-I/SNG 24LC04BT-E/SNG 24AA64T-I/SNG 24LC01B-I/SNG 24LC256T-I/SNG 25LC640T-I/SNG 25AA080B-I/SNG 93LC86C-I/SNG 24AA128-I/SNG 24LC32AT-I/SNG 24LCS21A-I/SNG 25LC640-I/SNG