Microchip SAM-IOT WG Dev Board

Bought a SAM-IOT WG (EV75S95A) to see what it could do. So far, not much. Demo doesn’t work, won’t connect to wifi. With MPLAB I can push the firmware update to it, and it does give me more verbose output:

Configuration Bits: address 0x804000: WDT_PER = 13 does not match any valid value in the device database.
Setting to the default value.
Configuration Bits: address 0x804004: WDT_WINDOW = 12 does not match any valid value in the device database.
Setting to the default value.
2021-09-25 18:10:28 -0500 - Hex file loaded successfully.
2021-09-25 18:10:42 -0500 - Programming…

September 25 2021— 18:11:12
Loading script file /Users/petern/.mchp_packs/Microchip/SAMC21_DFP/3.6.101/samc21/…/scripts/dap_cortex-m0plus.py
Begin comm session
Currently loaded versions:
Application version…1.22.73 (0x01.0x16.0x49)
Tool pack version …1.8.318
Target voltage detected
Target Device ID (0x10010005) is an Invalid Device ID. Please check your connections to the Target Device.

Calculating memory ranges for operation…


The following memory area(s) will be programmed:
program memory: start address = 0x0, end address = 0x22dff
configuration memory
Due to the large memory ranges on this device, only the areas of memory that have been loaded with code (via the build process or loading a hex file) will be read by default. If you wish to read custom ranges, please go to the Memories to Program property page and specify the ranges you want to read.
Programming complete
2021-09-25 18:12:15 -0500 - Programming complete

Anyone else get one of these to work??

Welcome to the forum.

I know nothing about this particular dev board but when I’ve needed help with other Microchip dev boards I’ve had the best luck finding answers at the dev board section of the Microchip forums.

Thanks…this lead to directions on how to submit a support ticket with Microchip. I’ll try that first.

Got a pretty fast response from Microchip:

Thanks for contacting Microchip Technical Support Team.

We recently found this problem, and the root cause is explained below,

The latest SAM IOT firmware is built on WINC 19.7.3 firmware, the WINC in the SAM IOT board contains WINC 19.6.1 firmware. Since the winc firmware’s are not compatible. It will not work. So before we downloading latest “google_cloud_iot_core” firmware, we have to upgrade WIFI module firmware to 19.7.3.

Below are the steps to upgrade WIFI module firmware

  • First download serial bridge firmware into the SAMD21 controller of SAM IoT board, It will help to program the WINC module.
  • To program serial bridge firmware, just copy and paste the attached “serial_winc_firmware_upgrader.hex” into the curiosity drive.
  • Now follow the steps given in “Running the utility” in following link

ATWINC1510 Firmware upgrade | Microchip MPLAB Harmony Reference Applications help (microchip-mplab-harmony.github.io)

  • After following above steps, now we can download the latest “google_cloud_iot_core” firmware into SAMD21, by just copy paste the hex file into curiosity board.
  • And now try to connect to cloud for temperature and light sensor data.

Note: The SAM-IOT Board application has restrictions with SSID and Passwords. The SSID should not contain spaces in between and the password must be less than 10 characters.