Microcontroller Failure Modes Analysis

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I need to know about microcontroller(TMS5704357BGWTEP) failure modes.

Could you please send to me this information?

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If you are looking for information on the processing information, it may be on the Datasheet.
If you are looking for a FIT or a “Failure rate of the chip” type document, we will need your Salesorder number for when you ordered this chip from us. Then we can have a Product Manager request the document from the manufacture. If you did not order this part from us, you will have to contact the manufacture directly for this document.

Hello @oguzhantoy,

That is not a simple question as electronics can suffer many different failure modes. Some are internal to the device while others are a function of your circuit and the protective measures used to protect the logic circuitry.

As a starting point, may I recommend you focus on CubeSat technology. You will find that this community operates electronics in harsh environments. They freely share their lessons learned.

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CubeSat 101: Basic Concepts and Processes for First-Time CubeSat Developers (nasa.gov)

thats good. but ı could not find answer to my question. (Failure modes)

TMS5704357BGWTEP manufacturer link
There is a Radiation & reliability report linked on this link. There is also a “contact us” link near the bottom of the page.


Thats good but ı could not answer to my question.


Here is the link to TI and their customer support. This link will bring you to TI and they will do the best to answer this for you.
Customer support center – Homepage - Customer Support (service-now.com)

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