TMS470R help


I have a BGA IC that is labelled TMS 470RIVF67ACZJZQ and I am unable to find a datasheet on it. All the datasheets I find for the TMS 470 series show LQFP layouts.

It is from an automotive controller repair so there is the likely hood that it is proprietary I guess.

Any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately I could not come up with any of the markings on the part. Could not verify anywhere.

That is Texas Instruments logo. I wasn’t able to find any info about the part. You should post on the TI e2e forum to see if they can help you with the part.


Many automotive markets are large enough to get bespoke product variants made that don’t get released to the general market. A shell of a listing for the item in question showed up at some point, but that doesn’t mean a person could buy one.

In any event, replacing it wouldn’t do much good unless one had the relevant application firmware to go with it.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff, I have submitted on that forum and will see what comes of it.

Yeah, that is a good point also. Probably have to advise getting a new module to the customer.