Need help on part identifying

Could you.please help me on identifying an msop8 ic with “95B PMRQ” marking?

It is part of a chinese phylion battery bms.

Thanks in advance

This chip is TPS79801QDGNRQ1.
PMRQ - TPS79801QDGNRQ1.pdf (1,9 МБ)


Thanks a lot Adam!


Hi all, do you know what is this component with CF929 marking?

Thanks in advance


I could not come up with a part number for the CF929.

This quartz is 32.768 kHZ
Manufacturer: SR PASSIVES.
Manufacturer part number 32.768K-6914SMD-SR
Transfer Multisort Elektronik sp. z o.o. is an importer of SR Passives products.

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Wonderfull! And What about this chip? I read 5mm 615…

Hello Salvatore,

Unfortunately, I have been able to identify this part based on the marking.

Thank you for trying.

The picture is not clear.
If one letter is incorrect, the search is not possible.
Where is this chip installed?

It is installed in a phylion smart bms for ebike battery

This chip is not clean.
Please, clean it and take a new photo.

I’ve cleaned it
The marking is SHM 615

Hello Salvatore,

I think it’s some kind of a memory chip. I found some that had a suffix of SHM but nothing with the 615. Its likely that the 615 mark isn’t part of the part number. The package case is 8 SOIC. Some in that package case with SHM suffix memory chips we have are in link below:

Sorry I could not narrow it down any further.

Memory chip in Phylion Smart BMS? :thinking:
I’m not sure about that.

Maybe 5HM?
Is there a logo on the chip?
In any case, a good quality photo is needed.

It appears to me more 5MM 615
Please check the attached photo

Unfortunately, the photo is not clear.
I am trying to help you, but even a single digit error will not give a positive result.
Desolder the chip, clean it thoroughly.
Show a photo of the entire board.

Did some searching on 5MM , 5HM and I still am not able to find any information on these markings.

It could be a shielded inductor. Give a look to attache datasheet from Wurth

784393440033.PDF (849 KB)